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My name is Neddy Smith.

I am first a musician, educator, producer and quickly becoming an author working on my first novel titled, A Small-Town Girl.

Wow! This fascinating and politically transformative time in our lives is one that will go down in history for better or worse as our ways of doing and thinking things is no longer the norm but a remapping of us all into becoming better citizens.

The year 2016 is rapidly coming to a close. It’s with joy that I can report with enthusiasm; finally, I am finished writing my first novel which I’ve since passed on into the hands of a competent and trusted editor. The way she thinks is in words as I do in music.

This year was brutal for me working on creating content not only for my novel but also for my music and other projects. It’s been a busy period for me at this moment in my life. Additionally, I was mainly focused on authoring, in my opinion, a fascinating fictional work of art that started from writing a simple song title A Small-Town Girl.

It was an enjoyable time authoring this novel because it was the year that I also submitted the Blue Monday cd/album for Grammy’s 59th consideration in 2017. So yes, it was an exciting and rewarding year as I am looking forward to Publish the novel.

Frankly, I was more than blessed to continue working on composing music for two generations with my family while still charting various other projects from my musical experiences while still engaged in both a poetry group at the Poem Alley at Curley’s and or the Writer’s Guild at the Norwalk Public Library in Connecticut.

PS: Please let me know how you feel about transitioning from what you do for work to the things you’d like to do for the love.

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