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Tony Adamo The Hipster Signs With Scott Elias's Random Act Records

New Jazz Jeff Review
A beat poet for the new generation? Or a jazz-funk crooner? Take your pick. I think that either one of these characterizations could easily describe Tony Adamo.

Glenn"Doc" Holloway CDBABY
Tony Adamo is Hip....
In Walked Bud. Miles and Charlie Parker get on the bandstand. Max makes wax and then Lester leaps in. Tony Adamo takes the mike explains it all to you. With a Tower of power vibe and a cool Kerouac sensibility.
Listen to this cat. We need him. Is this Heaven or Camarillo? Better ask Tony. he is on a hip trip and I"m going too. Review/ Sandy Shore
Jazz lovers and unique vocal aficionados who appreciate edgy and interesting voices like Lou Reed and Tom Waits will dig what Tony Adamo is  laying down here. Hipness is what it is!

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