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Tony Adamo Miles of Blu Five out of Five Stars/

Tony Adamo Miles of Blu Five out of Five Stars/

5.0 out of 5 stars Grooves Galore! A new Genre!!! May 21, 2013
Format:Audio CD
Tony Adamo is a hip cat, a bad cat! His rhymes and rhythms will have you grooving for life! His words are pure truth -- He has invented an entirely new genre: "HipSpokenWord!" He sings a bit, but his main thing: The hip words. Produced by master drummer Mike Clark, of Wolff & Clark Expedition and HeadHunters fame, Tony is backed by an all-star aggregation of musicians. Players like bassist Richie Goods, trumpeter//arranger Tim Ouimette, organist Delbert Bump, pianist Michael Wolff and even Tower of Power's own funky doctor Stephen "Doc" Kupka all burn and groove on every track. Tony pays homage to James Brown ("JB"), discusses his country's ills ("America R We Free"), talks through a couple of Tower of Power tunes (a shuffling "Don't Change Horses" and the ever popular "What is Hip?"), speaks of Miles, Monk and bebop, and even zooms to Mars a la Sun-Ra!
This is compelling stuff, inspired by the Beat Poets like Kerouac and Ginsberg, singer/songwriters like Gil-Scott Heron and Mark Murphy. Adamo deserves to be in their midst; he carries the torch admirably. This is thoughtful, grooving, burning music that is good for your head, your heart and your SOUL!

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