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Tony Adamo/I'll Never Be Played On Jazz Radio Again

As I Dig It/ Tony Roc Adamo I'll never be played on Jazz Radio again. Oldie's But Goodies Jazz Radio or the Dead Playlist will never die. I comb the air waves for jazz playlist-lists like a trawler fisherman for the Dead Playlist. And dig it. Jazz radio can't let go of the past. I call the programming/ Oldie's But Goodies Jazz. I've always felt that jazz radio and alot of the Jazz press has boycotted my music for speaking out about not playing more nu-jazz artists,more young jazz of today. Random Act Records was at the Jazz Connect Conference at APAP NYC this past January. This is what was said and heard. "Meanwhile, at APAP and Jazz Connect in NYC this past January, many people were talking about you and the album. Sadly, in a very negative manner. I don't know how or why, but many folks in the jazz mainstream press were truly put off by your approach. I'm not telling you this to admonish, etc, but to inform you. Honestly, I was a bit shocked, just as many of them were surprised to realize that the album is on our label. I defended you and your music, but it was too late at that point. I'm afraid that well was already poisoned." Random Act Records.  'Nuff said! Tony Adamo

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