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Paul Brown - Love You Found Me (2010)

Artist: Paul Brown
Title Of Album: Love You Found Me
Release Date: September 28, 2010
Label: Shanachie
Genre: Jazz / Smooth Jazz
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 43:26 min

01 Sugarfish [3:38]
02 Toast And Jam [4:33]
03 Strollin' [4:23]
04 Love You Found Me [4:01]
05 In The Shadows [3:57]
06 Let Me Love You [4:56]
07 The One You Lean On [3:26]
08 Right Back At Ya [3:43]
09 Midnight Kiss [4:00]
10 End Of The Day [3:11]
11 Shine Shoes [3:57]

Paul Brown - guitars, drums, percussion and vocals;
Jeff Carruthers - keys, bass, drums, rhythm guitar, arrangement;
Greg Adams - flugel horn;
Jessy J - flute, tenor sax;
Marco Basci - keys, drums, arrangement;
Richard Elliot - sax;
Euge Groove - keys, drums, bass, sax, arrangement;
Roberto Vally - bass;
Michael Ripoll - rhythm guitar, bass, arrangement;
Brandon Coleman -keys;
Philippe Saisse - keys;
Cedric Anderson - drums;
Dax Reynosa - vocals;
Nick Tashjian - bass, drums;
Marc Antoine - nylon guitar, bass, keys;
Jerry Hey - horns;
Tommy Kay - rhythm guitar;
Al Jarreau - vocals, background vocals;
DW3 - background vocals;
Boney James - arrangement.

Tagged by critics as Babyface of smooth jazz, producer Paul Brown made superstars out of saxmen Boney James and Richard Elliot and gave guitarist Peter White a simmering irresistible groove. He performed with Al Jarreau, Boney James, Jeffery Osborne, Kirk Whalum, Larry Carlton, George Benson, Patti Austin, Marc Antoine and many more.
Paul's solo projects are Up Front (2004), followed by The City (2005) and White Sand (2007). He also did a fantastic collaboration with Marc Antoine on the album ForeignXchange (2009). Marc commented: “We put our hearts and souls into the music and feel very strongly that our fans are going to be as excited about these songs as we are.”
Paul's newest album is entitled Love You Found Me and is scheduled for release September 28th on Shanachie Entertainment. Paul invited a lot of great musicians to his new project like Jeff Carruthers, Dax Reynosa, Boney James, DeYon Dobson, Michael Ripoll and more. For further details about the musicians scroll down to the really big list.

The album starts with the bluesy Sugarfish. A relaxed finger snapping melody with a hooking aura Paul has co-written with Jeff Carruthers. Jeff already worked with Paul on his albums Up Front and White Sand.

Toast And Jam features famous sax player Jessy J and Dax Reynosa in a clapping club style. Paul Brown already recorded with Dax on Euge Groove's album Sunday Morning. Paul paints the melody in mellow accurate chords on guitar.

On Strollin' Paul takes a night walk on the George Benson avenue accompanied by companion Richard Elliot on sax. Euge Groove, who co-wrote this tune with Paul, plays keys, drums and bass. A remarkable detail.

The title song Love You Found Me showcases Paul in a spectacular role as singer. He did a great job on this ballade. Often stands the instrumental part of an album In The Shadows. Not on Paul's new album. He displays the hooking melody with steady tones.

It was really easy for Paul Brown to wrote Let Me Love You. He is married with the wonderful beauty Jacqui Brown, who was responsible for the vocal production on Love You Found Me and The One You Lean On. The last-named song shows Paul in a earthy and bluesy attitude. Peter White once commented: "When Paul and I work together, we resist the temptation to be too clever; we try to make music that moves you in your gut." This is exactly Paul's motif on this album.

On Right Back At Ya Paul seamlessly performs his electric guitar with Marc Antoine's acoustic guitar, which gives this song a special attraction, we already loved on ForeignXchange. Honestly, Paul is a real charmer and when he performs Midnight Kiss, women will melt.

Is Paul Brown the next Bob Dylan? On End Of The Day he strongly performs in that style. The final tune Shine Shoes features singer genius Al Jarreau. He hopes to start recording later this year and release by the summer of 2011. According to Billboard Al will use this song for his new album.

Love You Found Me uncovers a new facet of great guitarist and singer Paul Brown. His music is not political, social or philosophical, but he is an extraordinary composer. With that talent he shows a new entertaining direction, smooth jazz can go today's.

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