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Brian Bromberg - Bromberg Plays Hendrix (2012) Behind the Scenes

Bassist Brian Bromberg interprets Jimi Hendrix...with no guitar! Just Bromberg's unique flying fingers on bass, and monster drumming by Vinnie Colaiuta.
When an intensely creative and prolific artist such as Brian Bromberg decides to devote two full releases to the music of (or inspired by) another creative, you can imagine the respect is deep and the results bound to be at least interesting, if not amazing. Prepare for amazement then, please. Bassist virtuoso, producer/composer Bromberg has embraced the repertoire of two icons, Jimi Hendrix and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The interpretations are heartfelt, inspired and immense in musicality. The Hendrix set is notable for the fact there is no guitar on it - "just" Brian's unique basses and flying fingers, and monster drummer Vinnie Colaiuta; kind of an "Interstellar Space" diets but in Jimi's incandescent tuneage.
Amazing! It’s really hard to believe that the only instruments on Bromberg Plays Hendrix is bass and drums. This is a great tribute to Jimi Hendrix from Brian Bromberg himself. If you are a fan of Jimi Hendrix, you definitely need to check this out.

Complete with chords, solos, and sporadic vocals here and there, this has to be one of the best recordings of Hendrix tunes I have personally ever heard, with the exception of Hendrix himself of course. Melodies are right on and will have you singing along, even when the vocals are not present.

Brian is doing all of the bass work from the ground up without missing a beat and the incredible Vinnie Colaita is on drums. As there are no guitars on this release, all the bass work is done with piccolo basses and traditional basses. Brian’s technique also shines as well, there were no picks present nor harmed during the creation of Bromberg Plays Hendrix. All finger technique here guys and gals, so give it a spin. Bromberg Plays Hendrix is available on iTunes and from amazon.

Visit Brian Bromberg’s site:

1. Fire
2. Manic Depression
3. Freedom
4. The Wind Cries Mary
5. All Along the Watchtower
6. Foxey Lady
7. Hey Joe)
8. Crosstown Traffic
9. Spanish Castle Magic
10. Purple Haze


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